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07. 06. 2016




4.1 and up
Be a part of the evolution of social media.

An evolution powered by passions that spark conversation and ignite new connections, led by culture creators and social innovators like you!

Versy is a first-of-its-kind platform that lets you explore your passions, voice your opinions and connect with like-minded people. Create and share the stories, news and ideas you care most about. It’s time to make your mark and be a noisemaker!

Develop new friendships and find your people (the ones who really get you) by starting conversations about the topics you care most about. You can connect through group chats, private messages and more.

Discover content that hits the spot. Satisfy the craving to be in the know with awe-inspiring videos, gifs, interesting facts, and pop culture news from the best publishers out there, including Complex, Refinery29, Food Network, Fusion and more.

You are what you love, and conversations drive your world. Enter into a universe where you can create, discover, share and connect, all in one place.

Welcome to Versy, a universe of possibilities. See you inside!