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06. 28. 2016




4.1 and up
SessMe is an instant messaging application for sending text, images, Video and Audio between your phone's contacts

There are some features that helps you protect your privacy:
1. You can delete any message AFTER it was sent, and message will be deleted from anyone whoever received it from you or a contact that forwarded it to someone else
2. Your content cannot be shared to external applications unless you allow it - to do so just long click on any message and choose "Allow Share", from this moment anyone can share your message until you choose to "Disallow sharing".
3. In private chat you cannot forward nor share to external media or contact
4. You can track the amount of forwarded messages by long click on any message and choose message info.

Some other cool features:
1. You can click on "Like" for any image or Video, any forwarded message will also count that "like".
2. You can mask full chat or a specific message so only you will be able to read it after typing the right passcode.
3. Timed messages - You can send a message so it will be sent on a specific time
4.You can choose a puzzle message so it will be opened gradually on the contact's side in the right time
5. SessMe feed - you can view your top images and top images around the world, in case you would like your images to appear in the world top 25 all you have to do is to get 2 likes and tap on the "Star" on your top images and choose to upload your photo to the top 25.

Start keeping your privacy with SessMe.