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07. 14. 2016


Varies with device


Varies with device
Make your precious home screen fun and unique by decorating it with your favorite animated gifs! The animation will continuously play inside the widget right on your home screen. This is the only gif widget app on the market that actually works!

This pro version allows unlimited gifs and widgets. There is also a lite version with ability to use one gif.

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||| Using GifWidget |||

You can use any gif you find on the Internet; Just save it to your device and you’re all set to use it with GifWidget.

If you don’t know where to start finding gifs to use, try these:
– has tons of awesome gifs you can use.
- Use Google! Go to, Set ”type of image” to ”animated”. You can also set ”colors” to ”transparent” for great-looking widgets.
– You can create your own gifs or edit existing ones with any gif editor app.

We’ve optimized the app to use as little resources as possible, but you should always use the lowest suitable quality as the animation requires much more memory when a higher quality is used.
Quality guide:
– Low: best for 1x1 widgets
– Medium: best for 2x2 widgets
– High: best for 4x4 widgets
– Source: original quality, now matter how huge. Not recommended!

Please note that long animations require a lot of memory! If the animation keeps stopping or it fails to load at all, it might be too big for your device to handle. You can restart a stopped animation by tapping on the widget.

Worried about the battery life? The animation will be suspended while the screen is off, so the impact on the battery is much less than you might think.