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02. 12. 2016




2.3 and up
Widget Monster is a virtual pet game, which can breeding monsters on widget!
Breeding playing and training your monsters and battles with others!
It is an app all about widget and monsters!

★ Take care of your widget monster to make it stronger
★ Training and battle to make your digimon evolve!
★ More than 100 type of widget monster!
★ Make your home screen more energetic and full of fun!
★ Colorful graphic, no black and white anymore!
★ You can breed multiple monsters on your screen at the same time.

Conditions affect evolution:
● The meat/vegetable feeding ratio affect the evolution.
● Type of Food
● Good care
● Response for the monster's calls, including hungry, injury or light.
● Winning Rate
20+ battles and 50%+ win rate for Perfect stage.
30+ battles and 60%+ win rate for Ultimate stage.
50+ battles and 70%+ win rate for Ultra stage.

If you cannot see Widget Monster on the widgets list, try to do the following things
- Reboot your phone or restart your launcher. (it is the issue caused by the launcher)
Or you can contact me by email for any questions about this app
- Make sure this app is NOT installed to your SD card (Android behavior)