Smart Minesweeper

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MobPark Games




05. 30. 2016




3.0 and up
The smart mode is the innovation of this game. to sweeping the mines, an easy click the minefield and mine are uncoverred, no flagging on the minefield.

Don`t care about it!You can sweeping mines again and … WHAT?! Mines are in different squares!

Minesweeper for Android is the best free mine sweeping clone for Android platform.

Smart Minesweeper is not just the way you play on a windows PC. It's unique and innovated operation is the best fit for mobile screens, believe me if you like the traditional Windows casual games like Minesweeper, Solitaire, Spider poker, you must love the smart minesweeper. It is really fun and easy sweeping and mining, no flaging no numbering just click the minefiled and use your logical.

Smart minesweeper brings you significantly better minesweeper experience than any other android minesweeper
Minesweeper for Android features
* Arcade Mode with 20 levels with different size of minefield
* Advanced sweeping mode designed for accuracy and fast times
* Tablet support
* Variable zoom levels
* Coming soon classical mode

How to play:
Click any squad on the minefiled, the first click will not trigger any mine. Mines that is logically revealed will be marked out, squre with numbers indicates how many mines are surrding it. Unlike the classic minesweeper game, click the numbers the system will automatically uncover or numberring the around blocks when they are 100 percent sure. Just like double click the right button of the mouse on the old school pc minesweeper.
when time is up, all the mines on the minefield will boom. be careful!.

Sweeping and mining the bombsquad!
Hurry up! You must mining and clear all the mines in he bombsquad with in a time limit!
20 different stages, 9 squares explored with 1 click, just enjoy your lunatic clicks!

Is the minefiled too large? Slide the screen, you decide the size! Just enjoy your free style!

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