Mobile Cleaner - Cpu Cooler & Power Saver(Pro)

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10. 06. 2017




4.0.3 and up
Mobile Cleaner - Cpu Cooler & Power Saver(Pro)
Is a multipurpose app cleaner for your device maintenance. This clean master is designed to increase battery life with smart power saving modes. This doctor battery saver is a stop battery drain!

It clears the junk data and unwanted background running processes which makes phone fast. With temperature control you can initiate cooling effect as well.

Is your phone slow and has lack of space?

Use now this android phone cleaner app make a junk cleaning and always keep your android phone running as well as preventing your phone from running slow and lagging!

Once you install this super cleaner, you will get great features for free up space and boost phone speed of your device.

Key Features of Mobile Cleaner - Cpu Cooler & Power Saver(Pro):

Phone cleaner and Phone Booster
Mobile Cleaner - Cpu Cooler & Power Saver(Pro) is a master cleaner for junk notifications!
This super cleaner master helps clean all types of junk files (photo junk, video junk, system junk, advertisement junk, and cache junk) to free up storage space. It’s a power saver !

Mobile Cleaner - Cpu Cooler & Power Saver(Pro)
This cpu cooler is an app cleaner power saver who help you to improve your device performance. It's also a RAM Booster to improve your phone's speed and performance!

Junk Cleaner
Analyze and safely remove the junk files that take up your memory and storage space. Clean with only one click, free up space and boost phone speed.

Mobile Cleaner - Cpu Cooler & Power Saver(Pro)helps you clean all types of junk files (photo junk, video junk, system junk, advertisement junk, cache junk, and residual junk) on your Android phone

It's a super cleaner, a protect plus!

Cache File Cleaner
Helps clean residual cache system files often left by uninstalled apps to free up Android phone or tablet disk space.(E.g: Facebook clean, messenger clean, clean junk Whatsapp, SnapChat clean, Instagram clean,...)

Storage Cleaner
Help clean up the needless photos, music, documents and unnecessary apps to free up space and speed up your device. This super Cleaner is the best device optimizer, it's a master key system!

CPU Cooler
Analyze CPU usage and stop overheating apps to cool down CPU temperature, in only 5 seconds.

Phone Booster
A quick booster to free up RAM, clean background tasks, providing extra entrance in widget, desktop shortcut and notification toolbar. This boost mobile ccleaner is a master boost!

Battery Saver and battery maintenance
Instantly find and fix battery power consumption problems and quickly scan your mobile, saver the power consumption of apps and settings.

As a battery saver and booster, this clean master lite can analyze your battery's status to save battery power and extend your battery life.

This clean master is a boost battery and a doctor battery for your android phone. This battery optimizer make also a clean sweep for your phone android!

It's designed to be compatible with all android versions on all phones.

With this clean master app you can make a clean sweep on your device!

Don't forget these Highlights:

★ Achieve Optimum cleaning by freeing up ram, memory and killing unwanted background running processes.

★ CPU Cooler identifies the apps which are causing CPU overheating. It clears all unnecessary apps and achieves optimum temperature with single tap.

★ Clear junk data, residual, temporary files and release the cache memory.
Save battery power by enabling ultra-Fast and extreme power saver modes.