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08. 07. 2016




2.1 and up
kodeWeave is a realtime coding playground for HTML, CSS and Javascript. Similar to JSFiddle and JSBin, but kodeWeave was made specifically to work not just for mobile devices, but also to work offline as well.

If you've ever used jsfiddle, jsbin, dabblet, liveweave, codepen, cssdeck, cssdesk, tinkerbin, d3 playground, plunker and/or pastebin kodeWeave is the tool for you when you're away from a computer!

- Responsive UI
- Character Generation
- Browse/Load Files locally from computer or Load a previously saved weave online
- Demo Samples
- Integrated Markdown Editor
- Built in WYSIWYG Editor for Markdown
- Live Preview
- JSHint, CSSLint, HtmlHint and CoffeeScriptLint Integration
- Integrated Jade, CoffeeScript and Stylus Preprocessors
- Add/Remove CSS/JS Libraries
- Syntax Highlighting
- Code Folding
- Line Numbering & Line Wrapping
- Auto Close Tags
- Inline color picker and numeric slider
- Resize and/or collapse the editor(s) container(s)
- Supports Zen Coding
- Works Offline
- Save your weave online for later use
- Embed an image directly into the document with the DataURL Grabber
- Keep engaged with kodeWeave's development with the integrated Twitter feed.

List of keyboard shortcuts incorporated into kodeWeave:

- Ctrl-': Lowercase Selection
- Ctrl-\: Uppercase Selection
- Shift-Ctrl-': Minify Code
- Shift-Ctrl-\: Tidy Code
- Ctrl-L: Go To Line
- Alt-Delete: Delete Word After
- Alt-Shift-Ctrl-]: Collapse All (Fold All)
- Alt-Shift-Ctrl-]: Expand All (Unfold All)
- Tab: Expand Emmet Abbreviation