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07. 17. 2016




4.0 and up
MaxPiping Handbook. Is the Piping Component Reference Guide, for ANSI.
As of now, DB Library services PIPE B36.10 and FLAGE B16.5, fully.
4 inch Data of VALVE B.16.10, FITTING B16.9/B16.11, ORIFICE FLANGE B16.36
and COMPONENT(Fig.8 and Spacer for Ref.) is provided on sample.
Whereas, all size data is provided in Paid version.
In Paid Version, Updating would be proceeding for free.

Any bugs or improvements that you report would be reflected positively.
We're hopeful of your choice.
Thanks in advance.

* Note
- Bore size : NPS / DN
- Dim. size - Imperial Unit(inch) / Metric Unit(mm)
- Dim. values are rounded at three decimal places.(ex. 0.216 to 0.22)
- Most of data have been referenced by 1994 ANSI, ASME Catalog and some data by 2005 edition.
- Pound value type of PIPE weight has changed to pound per feet.(lb to lb/ft)
- Some weight value of Tee and Reducer(Concentric, Eccentric) has been fixed.
- Branch size slot of Concentric Reducer has been added,
as the weight of Concentric Reducer is different according to branch size.

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