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08. 16. 2016




4.1 and up
Translate your handset to an electronic notebook!

Master Note is a handwriting note application which is carefully designed to provide as much functionality as possible in a limited screen space with a quick and ease access in mind


Library Management

* Create as much notebooks as your device space allow
* Organize notebooks inside libraries
* Ease of move notebooks between libraries by means of drag-n-drop
* Rename-Delete-Duplicate any notebook or a complete library
* Export any notebook / library to android documents folder (notebooks are saved internally by default)

Bookshelf For Fast Access

* Easily add currently hot accessed notebooks to the bookshelf for very fast quick access
* High optimized cache techniques are used for shelved notebooks for fast access & navigation without long loading
* Currently active notebook (opened one) can be easily manually saved (also there are auto-save techniques), shared with others in a native format or exported to a PDF

Page Management

* Add new page at notebook end or insert between already created one
* Remove any page from any postion (Care as can't be undone!)
* Duplicate any page or swap page postion as you want

Flexible Page Format Options

* Highly configurable lined, ruled and grid page formats (You can configure line colors & spacing and thickness effect)
* You can choose None format and set page format from any builtin background image or you can use any image from your gallery
* Format is applied on current page and you can click apply to all to be the default format for all notebook (Thus to enable different page format inside single notebook!)

Productivity Tools

* Pen tool configured with desired color, size along with advanced pressure and smoothness settings
* Eraser tool with multi size options, undoable clear all option and advanced apply-to techniques (you can set it to erase writing but not shapes and so on!)
* Selection tool based on rectangle or free lasso selection, advanced settings to enable/disable multi paste - single selection - preserving aspect ration for scaling
* Shape tools supporting line, circle, rectangle along with filling and advanced auto connect options for fast alignments
* Highlight tool with desired color, size and opacity degree

Local Backup Techniques

* You can export as many backups from the application state (include all your notebooks, libraries and application preference)
* You can import any exported backup to return application to a specific state
* Backup techniques are highly optimized and can be fast used to protect data on external location or switch application between different usages if your device has limited space to include notebooks from different aspects in a single location

Advanced Flexible Configuration Options

* Configure auto-save interval (Tradeoff between degree of safeness & power consumption)
* Configure down-samlping size for inserted camera/gallery images (Tradeoff between quality & notebook size)
* Configure size of shared page snapshot images (Tradeoff between image quality & applied data rates)

If you have any issues, opinions or suggesting new features, we are very willing to hear from you! Don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected]