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08. 23. 2019




In this world there are so many Languages and also that languages contains so many words that we don't know. Generally if you know the Spelling then you don't know the correct Pronounce or If you know the correct pronounce then you don't know the Spelling, But now no need to worry this App helps you to correct your Pronunciation, Spelling and Languages.

This app is useful to learn new languages

App Features:

=> Pronunciation Checker
- If you know the spelling but you don't know how to speak that word then just write the spelling and tap the Listen button to speak that word.

=> Spelling Checker
- If you know the Pronunciation but don't know the spelling then open this page and tap mic button then spell the word and it will write the correct spelling for you.

=> Language Translator
- if you know any thing in your own language and you need to tell that sentence or word in different language then select the language from the top and then write the stuff you want to translate, then press button to get that stuff in your desired language.

Download Pronunciation, Word Translator & Spelling Checker to improve your writing and speaking skills

Thanks and Enjoy!