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03. 06. 2015




4.2 and up
Designed by teachers and Award winning app developers, Montessori Math City is an innovative approach to Math and the Decimal System and Place Value ensuring that children learn to count up to 1000.

Thanks to Montessori materials like the golden beads or the Seguin (or Tens) board, children will understand that ten units equals a Ten, twenty is 2 Tens, forty five is four Tens and five units…. until 1000!

The app is built like a progressive game with fun City items to unlock in each level: cars, ferris wheels, ambulances, houses, buildings. Children practice counting and making numbers, the app rewards them by unlocking items so they can play in their own unique City.

• 2 different ways to learn numbers and understand the Decimal System:
o The Montessori golden beads and the Seguin (or Tens) Board
o The number blocks
• A quiz containing our exclusive Dynamic Progression Algorithm to follow each child’s progress individually for adaptive learning.
• A fun interactive city to build with items representing units, tens, hundreds, thousands.
• A secured ""Note to parents"" explaining the pedagogy behind the app.
• Up to 40 different profiles
• 15 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Turkish and Korean.

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