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03. 24. 2016




4.0.3 and up
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Identify, store and share your lands with MyLand.

Stop with the headache of knowing the exact location of all your lands. MyLand allows you to identify various landmarks of your lands in order to set them geographically on the map. After marked all your landmarks, you can save your Land. So, whenever you want, you can travel to your land and identify it easily and even quickly share your Land for someone else to do it.

Your youngest family do not know the difference between a land mark and a simple stone in the ground?

The landmarks or the fences are constantly disappearing, because of the bad weather or by other reasons?

Every day is a headache to draw the routes to each of your D2D sales team?

You need to identify a land for sale, but the signs are inaccurate, or the owner is not present?

You need to show the dimensions and the delimitations of a land remotely?

Myland is the solution!

By buying this application, you are supporting the project, fund the further improvements and the development of new features.


Different ways to create your Land: