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08. 19. 2016




5.0 and up
This theme has the pixel perfect designed icons with an elegant accent color touch,i am sure you will start loving this theme after the installation.Please read the full description below before install and always reboot after the theme installed,to work all the apps properly.please do not rate bad if u have any issues,first let me know to fix that issue.

Squares CM13 Theme can only be used with CM13 Theme Engine supported also supports cm 12+ moderately,but I only recommend using this theme with CM13 ROM for full compatibility.

Supported ROM : CM13(Cos & Mod) , DU , RR , AICP , PURENEXUS , SCREWD.

Theme Includes:

* Bootanimation
* Wallpapers
* Fonts
* Apps

* System UI
* Settings
* Clock
* Documents
* Calculator
* Keyboard(s) - AOSP and Google Keyboard
* Dialer
* Contacts
* Messaging app
* Pure nexus settings
* Dirty unicorns updater
* Google Play Store
* Google+
* Google Hangouts
* Google Play Music
* Google Keep
* Gmail
* Google Now
* Instagram
* YouTube
* Audio Fx
* Trebuchet launcher
* GoogleNow launcher
* Launcher 3
* CM File Manager
* CM File Eleven Music Player
* Theme Manager
* Whatsapp
* Wynk music
* Gallery3D
* Gallery Next
* Dialogs and Menus
* Download animation, radio buttons and switches etc..
* Many more..(in future updates)

SQUARES supports arcus, arcus is to customize the theme colors and some styles read more about arcus -

in case u have issues/bugs uninstall and install the theme again if not solved then contact me([email protected]) via email or hangouts

report bugs at g+ community:

Credits :

these people helped me to buit theme:

1.Ajdin Kuduzovic 2.Gia´p Nguyê~n Ngoc 3.Ashok DandaBoina
4.Dicken Christian 5.Andre Zimmermann 6.Hiten Soni
7.Cristiano Spada 8.Lars Wächter 9.Tesla Tri

these people helped me to buit Boot Animation:

1.Ajinkya Sawrikar