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07. 07. 2016




4.1 and up
2016.07.07 : Score evaluator (Beauty Analysis Evaluation) logic will be updated to more acceptable machine learning logic.


2016.07.01 Chart loading speed boosted up to 100%


With Machine Learning Techniques, It analyzes your face and evaluates the balance(structure) of the face.
AlphaFace gives you a score, which indicates your facial balance.

other than beauty analysis tool, It uses advanced technology to catch your facial features.

Furthermore, paid(premium) version of AlphaFace will analyze all the details of your face features (eyebrow, eyes, nose, lips, vertical / horizontal structure, gender, facial age and so on). It also provides you full statistical data so that you can easily compare your facial features to others.

AlphaFace will be very useful to everybody!

AlphaFace does not sell or provide facial data to 3rd party,

Since we have no money, no infra, no server for storing your face, your face picture will be deleted right after analyzing. Only numeric figure will be sum up for statistical purpose (for showing graph).