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07. 02. 2016




2.3 and up
Perdate is a multi-countries, multi-languages, and new international intimate dating app and it is popular around the world.
In Perdate, you can share your life with others by pics, words, expressions or whatever you want to use. Just come here and start to build your private space!
In Perdate, you can find your Miss Right easily, just tell us which kind of girl is your favorite and we will find her for you.
In Perdate, except make friends ( or more than friends) with pretty girls, you can also learn more about China’s culture or language, anything you wanted to know.
In any time, any place, any country, you can come to Perdate, just say hello to the girl that you like, maybe this is gonna be a new and amazing and hot relationship!
Features & Functions:
1)12 languages translation: It is not a problem whether you can’t speak Chinese or she can’t speak English, cause perdate support as many as 12 languages translation, so , just open your mouth and talk to her! Don’t be shy, man!
2)Creative Scenario Interaction: if you don’t know how to talk with a girl, perdate can give you some help to make sure that you are gonna have a pretty good chance to attract her attention.
3)choose a gift : perdate can provide users with both real or virtual gifts, if you like her and you don’t know how to tell her, why don’t choose an appropriate gift say that for you?
4)Show your self-confidence:a good introduction about yourself will help you find the right girl more easy, besides , you can tell people your age 、hobbies、occupation and your relationship status.
5)Magical encounter service : this is gonna make your time on perdate more interesting! Magical encounter service can intelligent matching fit friends for you, for instance , you will know who likes you , and you will have a list that collect the girls you are interested in!
6)share the world : in perdate, you can share anything new in your life with a pretty girl immediately, do not hesitate anymore, talk and share is the first step to start a relationship, good luck!
Dating app for singles with Chinese women,Chinese learning!