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04. 25. 2016




4.4 and up
TL;DR: Create your personalized video wallpaper experience now with a special introductory price, for a limited time only.

Bring vibrant LIFE to your static wallpaper with the dynamic new SuperWall! Customize with your own videos or choose from an assortment of professional clips (coming soon). SuperWall is the only HD video wallpaper that automatically rotates from portrait to landscape, allowing you to use virtually every video in your library.

Do you have portrait video's that you have no use for? Well you do now! SuperWall is the perfect platform to finally use those portrait videos that you filmed with your phone. Portrait video's are terrible for Youtube, but they are perfect for SuperWall. Set those personal home video's of your vacation, wedding, kids, dogs, cats, llamas?, etc... as your Android wallpaper. Chain them up into a Playlist and re-experience your favourite memories whenever you turn your screen on.

Current Features:
-Wallpaper sets: Saving custom wallpaper sets and restore whenever you desire (Widget coming soon).

-Multi-set playlist: Select multiple wallpaper sets and SuperWall will chain them together and play the sequentially, looping the last video back to the first one.

-Dual-wallpapers: If you use a launcher that also supports landscape mode (ie. Google Now Launcher, Smart Launcher 3, etc), then you can optionally set a landscape video for when your phone is on its side. Perfect for tablets!

-Sync: If you are using a video set (same video with different dimensions), you have the option of syncing the videos. This means, when you rotate your phone, the video will appear to rotate with your phone and resume playing.

-Audio: Audio can be enabled for the wallpapers. This can be turned off in the settings, or by double tapping the home screen to mute/un-mute the audio.

-Pause: The wallpapers can be paused/resumed by triple tapping the home screen.

Why can't I just use a regular landscape video for portrait video? Due to how Android implements its Live Wallpaper system, the video will be forced to squeeze into a portrait frame, resulting in a terrible experience. By setting a dedicated portrait and landscape video wallpaper, both orientations get the beautiful experience they independently deserve.

How do I set it as lockscreen wallpaper? You can do this through your device's native settings. On most devices, there is an option in the settings to "use homescreen wallpaper as your lockscreen wallpaper," or something to that effect.