KLWP Preset - Overwatch UI

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06. 06. 2016




4.4 and up
These presets are for Kustom Live Wallpaper maker from Kustom Industries. The pro version of KLWP is REQUIRED.
Now includes KWGT widgets! The clock and tabs sections can now be standalone and used on any launcher or lockscreen that supports widgets. Requires KWGT

The weather tab shows the current conditions as the icon, the all day forecast as text and whether or not to pack a raincoat, as well as min/max. Weather settings can be changed in the KLWP settings page. The progress bar and times beneath it show sunrise and sunset, the percent of the bar being how far along it is in the day or night. The inner battery bar indicates charging status: grey for discharging, yellow for charging, red for low, and blue for full.
The background image can be changed in the globals tab.

You can change the apps on the apps page by editing the shortcut for the app layers. You can change the name of the layer, and change the bitmap to the app icon you want to use.

For more info on how to edit and make wallpapers in KLWP, visit

Icon's used on the apps tab are CandyCons by Vukašin Anđelković.

Hexacon is also used in the screenshots.

Dynasty Icon Pack is also used in the table screenshot.

Overwatch and all related images and branding are owned by Blizzard. This app is an unofficial theme and in no way affiliated with Blizzard.

Feature graphic uses a mockup by Barin Doru Cristian.