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04. 29. 2016




4.1 and up
Are you tired of forgetting all of your passwords and being compelled to reset them or guess them? If so, this is the app you were looking for!

With Password Safe you'll easily save all of your passwords, pins, secret codes, sequences and more. Remembering won't be a problem anymore, you'll just log in the app and with a few clicks you'll obtain the desired password.

The interface, in material design, is intuitive and easy to use.

It's possible to export and import the app data, so you won't lose them in case you have to uninstall the app or you change device. They'll be always with you.

Every inserted password or code is encrypted. There is no way to read them without the secret key you'll be asked to insert when first opening the app.
This is the only password you have to remember from now on! Every other one will be safe.

For your safety and privacy the master password won't be saved in your device nor everywhere else; it means that if you forget it you won't be able to access your data again. Recovering it is impossible.

It's recommended, for security reasons, to completely terminate the app when not using it for a long time and to export backup frequently.
I do not assume any responsibility in case of data loss or improper use of the data.