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11. 06. 2015




2.3 and up
m-Safe is android tool app is answer to the following questions.

Q. How to find your phone if it is missing near by and unfortunately on silent mode?

Q. How to take backup of contacts or delete all contacts in case of phone lost/stolen?

Q. How to get some one's contact number if you forgot your phone at home?

Q. How to delete a file, take backup of a file, delete a folder or format SD card in case phone lost/stolen/missing?

Q. How to get SMS backup in case phone lost/stolen/missing?

Q. How to save message to secret/private inbox?

Q. How to get location of your phone(if possible)?

Q. How to change profile mode to silent, vibrate or normal mode without touching your phone?

Q. How to save battery when it goes below a certain level?

Q. How to change profile modes automatically when going in meeting, lectures, prayers?

Q. How to on/off mobile data without touching your phone?

Q. How to inform your loved ones in case of emergency?

Q. How to hide caller details like name and number when call comes.

Q. How to auto silent your phone when getting calls from unknown numbers?

m-Safe provides many feature like REMOTE ACCESS, MY EVENTS, CALL RECORDER, SECRET INBOX which enables you to answer the above questions.

REMOTE ACCESS :- It makes you enable to perform many operations remotely on the other phone like find your phone, change profile and many more...

How it works?

It works in two ways
1) Via internet, both phone must have working internet connection
2) Via SMS, SMS will be chargeable as per tariff plan.

Example to find your phone which is missing near by :-

Via Internet
a) Enter email id registered in missing phone
b) Enter password of missing phone
c) Select the operation code WRU stands for Where Are You and hit execute

Via SMS,
a) Write sms in this way :- passwordOperationCode ( e.g. 12345WRU )
b) Send it to the your mobile phone.

MY EVENTS :- where you can set your events which will happen at specified time.

E.g. set your phone to silent/vibrate/normal mode, Turn of WIFI (after leaving office) and many more.


In case of emergency hit panic situation, turn on location if its off and then hit START PANIC. It will send sms to your care off numbers set by you with your approximate location (if available)


1. Safe gallery to save images and videos.
2. Torch
3. Block list
4. Call Recorder

You need not to have separate app for the above silent features.

Note :- Call recorder may not work in all devices, we are working hard towards same.