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PJ Tech Norway




07. 09. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Are you strugling getting up in the morning to be in time to school or work? Or are you the light sleeper that strugle to sleep in the night, and when the alarm clock goes of, you wold like to snooze a desired amount of minutes? If so, Inteli clock alarm app is the perfect choice for you! It’s maby the best alarm clock in the marked. The built in motion sensor monitors that you are awake, and if not it will message a friend, or force you to dial a pass code to stop the alarm. The functional snooze grid with selection of several snooze alarm times for the one who like to sleep a bit extra in the morning. A «Power nap» funciton is also inclueded with the same snooze alarm option.

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Note: Some devices may experience some bugs. Please give us feedback so we can make the application perfect for you.