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Iris Studios and Services




01. 06. 2018




4.0 and up
TextO is a Text editing app to write beautiful and impactful‘Texts on Photos’. Modify individual word’s formats and highlight the important words of sentences (Punch Words) to create a lasting impact.

With an easy to use User Interface that allows minimal effort in placing texts on photo, TextO gives the flexibility to modify Fonts, Formats, Colors, Shaders, Shadow, Stroke and Textures ofentire text or individual words.

TextO comes with preset templates with beautiful backgrounds and fonts. You can alsocreate your own Templatesand reuse it. You can use your own photos and add marvelous Text Effects with little effort.

Text'O user interface isinspired by professional word software’slike Microsoft Word with functionalities of professional Text Typography software’s. TextO intelligently remembers your last punched word Text Effects and uses it. With Intuitive design you can easily write simple messages, quotes or make professional magazine covers.

TextO is best used for

-Writing Quotes:Create impressive quotes on photos and easy share

-Writing Messages:Create Captivating messages for social media posts

-Creating Watermarks:Personalize your photos by creating nice watermarks

-Creating Albums/Photos and Memories:Write on pictures and convey your thoughts

-Create Brands:Create Viral Ideas, Thoughts, Themes of your products/services to get to your potential customers.

-Draft designs:Write and design great-looking magazines covers

-Having fun– Create meme’s or add your own comments on pictures.