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03. 25. 2016




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Fitness for anyone, anywhere! Updown Fitness transforms your phone or tablet into a personal workout experience. Whether you're new to exercise or an expert in the gym, make reaching your fitness goals easy by receiving, performing, and tracking the perfect workout.

Bored with your same old gym routines? Looking to mix up your workout schedule? Then Updown Fitness is for you! Updown instantly generates personalized workouts based on your experience level, workout type, time, and even location from a database of 1500+ fully animated exercises. Complete and track all of your workouts all within the app. Already have a routine? No problem. You can create your own workouts from scratch, perform them, and save them for the future.

Unlike any other fitness app, Updown tells you exactly how many reps to perform and how much weight to use. The app’s proprietary algorithm analyzes your past workout data when generating new workouts for you so that the reps and weights will adjust according to your changing strength levels. No more fitness plateaus!

Choose from 5 different types of workouts:
- Cardio: Burn calories for quick weight loss with this fast-paced workout.
- Strength: Build muscle and target specific body areas, such as your arms, chest, legs, or core.
- Cross: Test your limits and enhance your muscular endurance with an intense combo of cardio and strength exercises.
- Core: Create rock-hard abs or maintain your six pack with a core strengthening routine.
- Stretch: Target specific muscle groups and improve your flexibility with a variety of unique stretches.

Get motivated to reach your goals. Social features like the friends leaderboard and the ability to share workouts keeps you and your friends on track. Exercise doesn't have to be a chore, Updown's points and leveling system make working out fun and engaging.

- Workout generator instantly creates personalized workouts.
- Create and save routines from scratch.
- 1500+ fully animated exercises: bodyweight to olympic lifts.
- On-the-spot guidance with visual and audio cues.
- View exercise history to see your progress.
- Choose where you work out with your available equipment: your home, the gym, etc.
- Connect with friends to compete and share workouts.
- Earn points and levels for exercising.
- Log and track other fitness activity like runs and yoga.

***Download Updown Fitness NOW and start your exercise program! No more excuses!

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