Brakey Cars

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07. 13. 2016




2.3 and up
Brakey Cars is an addicting downhill racing endless runner game

The brakes have failed in your car and you must try to control the out of control cars as you speed down the hills

Doge between catus and rocks with your faily brakes as you car flies down the mountain

As much as you want to tap those brakes it just isn't going to happen

* Super and rich cartoon style graphics
* Great sound track
* No brakes !
* Watch the drive fly from the faily car as it crashes

You will be hooked to this game for hours as you retry and try to get the top score.
Share your score with your friends and get them to try and beat you

Your brakes have gone! the car is in a faily state of repair, you need to survive!
Simply steer the vehicle left and right as it plummets down hill with no brakes
Be the best and get the highest Brakey Cars score you can possible get

Enjoy an unlimited game with endless hours of fun in multiple environments and selection of different vehicles.
You will love this game it has been said that is not just faily good, its really good!