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09. 12. 2017




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i-Moulder Injection Molding, Plastic Information & Knowledge on the move.

Applauded by many plastics industry professionals and with over 30,000 users Worldwide, i-Moulder is regarded as essential app for the plastics professional.

What’s New?

i-Moulder user interface and basic features have been updated and expanded including extra material descriptions, overhaul of the trade names database and addition of 10 really handy injection molding calculations and 14 industry standard unit conversions.

What is included?

•Injection molding Troubleshooter
•Polymer / Plastic Materials Information
•Plastic Manufacturer & Trade Name database
•Essential Injection Molding Tools & Calculations ($)
•Metric & Imperial / English units and conversions
•No internet access required
•Really handy molding application

iMoulder contains a comprehensive database of plastic materials, solutions, molding calculations and general knowledge in a really handy stand alone package. .

Base level iMoulder app is FREE. Clients can now upgrade to access “TOOLS” via “in app purchase”. The Tools Menu is comprehensive range of injection molding calculations and unit conversion tables that are truly in the palm of your hand.

Base level i-Moulder includes three main areas:


The Materials Guide contains generic processing information for a range of common injection moulding materials.


The Injection Moulding Solutions Guide contains helpful solutions to common injection moulding problems.


The Materials Search facility is a comprehensive database of common polymer grade names, polymer generic name and manufacturers details.

•4/ TOOLS & UNIT CONVERSION ( access via “in app purchase”.)

A comprehensive range of injection moulding calculations and unit conversions.

1/ Part Weight
2/ Material Consumption
3/ Production Rate
4/ Production Time
5/ Shot Size Vs Machine Capacity
6/ Additive Percentage
7/ Residence time
8/ Actual Shrinkage
9/ Package contents
10/ Screw Speed
11/ Clamp Force Calculation
12/ Conversion Formula: Temperature, Length, Area, Volume, Density, Weight, Izod Energy, Pressure, Strength, Modulus, Dielectric strength, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Conductivity, Specific Heat.

ABOUT i-Moulder

i-Moulder was developed by injection moulding engineer and Moldflow expert Keith Hague.

i-Moulder is designed to provide quick access to injection moulding knowledge while on the move, in meetings, overseas or on the shop floor and is aimed at molding professionals, toolmakers and product designers.

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