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04. 05. 2016




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Get Answers by expert doctors on your medical queries. Ask a question @INR 19 only. Pay only for followups.

ProElp allows you to consult with doctors through online chat and video. Ask questions and find the right advice for your health problems. Get responses from doctors across India.
Video Chat with doctors anonymously at your own time from wherever you are. Medical help was never so easy and quick. Right now we have a typical response time of around 3 hours to 1 day. We are trying to get more doctors on board to reduce this time as much as possible.

Life without ProElp:

Physically visiting a doctor is inconvenient, especially when you are sick.
It is difficult to search for a specialist doctor suitable to your medical/health queries
It takes a lot of your valuable time to wait in queues for an appointment
More time is wasted in to and fro travelling during rush hours

What’s more frustrating is that the first visit to the doctor often ends up as a formality. You generally need to get a few medical tests done for proper diagnosis of your health issue. And even after diagnosis, you’ll be needed to frequently visit your doctor for physical follow ups.

All this eats a huge chunk out of your happy mobile life.

Why ProElp?

- find a highly experienced doctor easily
- connect with doctors through built-in video chat functions
- option to consult with doctors anonymously (discuss embarrassing problems freely)
- ask questions about any health problem (see full list below)
- save your travel and waiting time at a doctor’s clinic
- save your money by chatting with doctors online
Use the ProElp app to know more about your health problem, before actually visiting the doctor. Get all your pre-meeting requirements like X-ray, Blood Tests, etc. completed beforehand.

Trust our thriving community of doctors for all your medical needs.

How to use the App

# Login with Facebook/Google
# Select a specialty
# Ask a query and enter your details
# Attach previous medical reports if applicable
# Get reply from doctor
# Stay connected with your doctor online
# Pay if you want to further follow up
# Each payment gives you 3 days to chat with the doctor to resolve your queries.

The app smartly uses your past history/doctor's details to help match you to the right doctors.

So what are you waiting for? Get convenient and reliable access to healthcare right at your fingertips.

Download and use the ProElp app for a healthier you.

What we treat

Health and wellness areas addressed by ProElp:

- Cough/ cold/ flu/ allergies
- Sore throats
- Fever
- Neck/Back Pain
- Sprains
- Skin Issues (allergies, rashes, etc.)
- Hair fall
- Mental problems (depression, stress, anxiety, etc.)
- Dental issues
- Body fat
- Urinary Tract Information or UTI
- Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STD
- Diabetic symptoms
- Diarrhoea and vomiting
- Eye conditions
- Natural Remedies
- Yoga
- Self-help
- First aid
- Fitness Exercises
- Travel health
- Sports injuries

ProElp physicians can often treat many conditions effectively through the app - right from a Heart Burn, sudden rash, a muscle sprain, back pain, an upset stomach and many more. But for more serious chronic conditions, it is important to see your doctor in person.

Stay Healthy with us

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