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07. 14. 2016




2.3.3 and up
The “dragonslayers” is a kind of classical legend mobile game with the theme of magic, which 100% reproduces the classical play of legendary game; bloodthirsty, PK, striving for the hegemony in Sand City, cool mounts, super bosses, and a new copy…you name it; extensive PVE and PVP game play, full liberalization of PK, intense and stimulating confrontation, and more realistic fighting effect, can be in accordance with the classic as well as make it more characteristic. Let’s experience the original wonderful legendary world, and create a new legend.
【Characteristics of Dragonslayers】
1. Various ways of upgrade. It includes the task of exorcism, EXP Copy, gear retrieve, prisoner escort, Bonfire in Soil City and so on. It’s so easy for obtaining EXP and upgrade.
2. Lots of PVP and PVE. Sand Conquest, Critical War, Phantom Lord, Lost Treasure, Evil's Invasion, Kylin Shrine, Abyssal Vault…...You will be lost in different PVP, PVE and many sorts of tasks.
3. Assorted routine of growing up of stat. Players can improve the stat of characters by obtaining advanced gear, combining artifacts and advanced wings, improving the level of mounts, redeeming soul stones and ACHV badges and so on. In addition, players can choose more ways to improve.
4. PK liberalization. After your character level is up to 40, you can start your PK career. There is no restriction for PK except for being out of specific safe area.
5. New instant voice chatting system. All players can voice chat in group and guild, which enables communicating instantly in sand conquest, making commanding war easily. If tired, players can have some drinks on dreamlike beach with beauties in bikini.
【Corn Gameplay】
1. PVP: Sand Conquest and Phantom Lord.
2. PVE: Various PVE copy, exclusive challenging BOSS.
3. Gear enhancement and stat-grow system: weapons, mount, wings, realm, achievements, soul stones and other systems.
4. Robbing BOSS: There are a lot of ordinary bosses and advanced bosses in the game. Kill them and you can obtain great benefit (gear, pay terms).
5. Leisure: prisoner escort, bonfire and money rain. (Voice chatting as Skype)
6. PK liberalization: There is no restriction for PK, except for being in specific safe area. It blasts gears heavily. Enjoy the original PK legend.

Dragonslayers’s official fans club:
Customer service mail: [email protected]

In accordance with the law of games software classification management, this software is the counseling level of 12. People who are over than 12 can use it
It’s free to play this game, and it supplies charging services, taking purchasing with virtual game currency. Pay attention to the time when playing to avoid addiction.