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10. 08. 2018




Expense tracker, budget planner & account manager - find them all in one app.
Money Pro works great for personal expense tracking, family budget and even for business finance management. The app exists from 2010 on iOS/Mac (over 2.5 mln downloads worldwide) and now is available on Android.

Money Pro is your finance manager to change your spending habits for good.


⍌ Simple and secure
- widget for quick tracking on the go
- quick and easy entries whenever you like even in previous periods
- password & backups of your data

⍌ Income and Expense Tracker
- split transactions: split one cheque into multiple categories
- search by amount, category, description, payee, cheque number etc.
- recurring expenses with custom periodicity
- calendar for scheduling expenses for the whole year ahead
- notifications and alerts for bills due
- multiple profiles for separate tracking of personal and business finances
- attachment of receipt photos

⍌ Budget Planner
- flexible structure of categories & subcategories with over 1,500 built-in icons
- custom periodicity: start your budget from any date
- visual indicators for budget spending
- transferring the leftover of the current period to the next budget period to limit your spending

⍌ Account Manager
- easy management of unlimited number of accounts
- credit card tracking
- balance change history
- clearing transactions later on (reconcile)

⍌ Reports
- visualize where your money goes
- use filters to look deeper into your spending
- projected balance and trend charts will help in planning

⍌ More
- сalculator and currency converter
- еxport to pdf, csv formats
- мultiple currencies & automatic update of exchange rates
- everyday reminders to get a habit of tracking expenses regularly
- support service (

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Give a try to Money Pro - a clear and complete personal finance management tool. DOWNLOAD NOW! 🎯

*You can unlock the full Money Pro experience with a purchase of Pro version with budget features, more reports & themes.