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Barra Skull Studios




03. 07. 2017




4.1 and up
IOS HoloPlay App :

How to make Pyramid Hologram(Easy way)

Play your mobile videos in 4 sides( Hologram 3D) and Capture Hologram images (Holo Camera) by using "Holo Play Android App".

Tips to view Hologram 3D in your mobile.

1) Increase the brightness to 100 % and the open the "Holo Play Android App".

2) Black background videos will give 100% Holographic view.

3) Convert Green screen videos available in youtube to black background and use it.

4) Just act or dance in-front of black screen and play that video using Holo Play.

5) Touch on the camera view to capture the Holo Pic.

Sample Video :

Just download and play using Holo Play.