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xiaojiao zhang




09. 13. 2016




2.3.3 and up
Aim-Shoot-Boom! Simple touch your finger can hit the goal, come to show off your proficient shooting skill in Bomb Man now!
Beautiful dress and graphic, cute characters & pets, mighty mounts, dazzling weapon, instant voice, global friends... all you can find in this free mobile game.
If you like cute casual simulation or RPG free mobile game, you will love Bomb Man: Super Shooter. Download it and play with global friend now!
Cute pets and mounts will accompany with you in the adventure tournament.
Play Bomb Man, Be a super shooter!
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*Aim & Shoot: Press the character and drag back to aim and attack the target.
*Boom: Loose your finger can hit the target.
*Move: The character will move towards the place you press!
*Fly: Use the paper plane, swipe to aim your target place!
*Wind: The wind could affect how the bomb flies. Accurate control is the key to success!
Use items and skills at a perfect timing and you will turn the table.
Games Features
*Cute Characters: Cute Bombers and Monsters, could not bear to attack.
*Cute Pets: Grow up with your cute pets and mounts.
*Diverse Map: Various lovely battle grounds, explore at Forest, Desert, Ocean, Snow Mountain, relic...
*Beautiful clothes: Show your own unique style.
*Social: Instant voice chat, KUSO Emoji & Upcoming marriage system.
*Multiplayer: Play with friends around the world.
* Dazzling Gear: 1000+ weapons and equipment combination, customize your gear now!
*Guild: Join the guild and play with your friends in the same camp.
*PVP: Solo, Team up, Arena, Boss Battles, against real friends around the world. *PVE: 300+ plot maps, challenging yourself can't stop.
*Glory: Achievement, Tittle, Badge and ranking system, endless glory.
Background Story:
Bomb Island is happy island. Blank’s invade break it peace. Take your gun to fight against the hell and get back the lost holy. It is the new start of the adventure tournament.
You are a shooter in Bomb Man, through fighting and learning skill you become stronger day by day! You adore the first cute pet and mighty mount in your life. Through your considerate care, they accompany with you grew up and fight against the monster! In your shooter life, you meet many real friends around the world~ Team up your friend to fight against the monster and win the glory.
May you feel confused in your life, your master will appear to guide you how to make yourself strong and develop yourself in Bomb Island.
You will meet your lover in Bomb Island and manage your life in Bomb man forever!
Call your friend to join Bomb Man: Super Shooter now! To experience a real shooter life in bullet island! Let's enjoy the cute social simulation casual mobile game now!
Boom boom bomb me now!
No matter you want to act - a bomber, shooter, warrior or attacker, your dream will come true in Bomb Man: Super Shooter.
It is easy to play but hard to be a master. Play it now! Countless achievement waiting for you to challenge! Join Bomb Man to open a wonderful adventure now!