德州撲克 神來也德州撲克(Texas Poker)

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08. 02. 2016




2.3 and up
= Rated 5 stars by our players! Over 23 million players worldwide! The top authentic Texas Hold'em poker! =

○ Updated Royal hold'em & Omaha - play big, win bigger
○ Play free: get as much as 30,000 chips to start out with
○ Join tables without waiting times
○ Experience the most realistic Casino feeling
○ Includes many new poker styles: Bonus, Sit'N'Go, Ruby Tournaments

= Features =
○ Authentic Texas Hold'em
○ Over 23 million players - tap twice and you're in
○ Awesome casino experience
○ Loads of gifts, daily bonuses
○ New reconnect function - bet with confidence
○ Additional jackpot games - Blackjack, slot machines
○ Intuitive UI, easy one-button functions
○ Use Interactives (emoticons) to talk to players

=Newest Android Version=
○ Choose your favorite dealer to bring you luck
○ Improved Blackjack for greater chances

= Rules =
○ Blinds:
Two forced bets called small blind and big blind will be placed by two respective players. These mark the minimum bet during the game.
○ Preflop:
After blinds have been placed, two cards are dealt to each player and the first round starts. Each player decides whether to continue or fold (i.e. stop playing and give up the chance to win)
○ Flop:
After the first round has ended, the dealer places three cards face up on the table. These are called community cards. Then the second round begins and players can raise, call, or fold, depending on their confidence in the combination of their hands together with the community cards. If they raise, all players who want to stay in the game have to increase the ante to the amount set by the raising player.
○ Turn:
After the second round, the dealer places a fourth community card on the table. The third round starts and all remaining players decide whether to raise, call, or fold as previously.
○ River:
After the third round has ended, the dealer places the fifth and last community card on the table. Players raise, call, or fold, depending on their confidence in their hand.
○ Final round:
If the remaining players after the fourth round of betting are two or more, all players show their hands and compare cards. The player with the highest combination of hand with community cards wins and gets the whole pot. If there's a tie, the pot will be evenly split between the two or more winners.
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= Additional Notes =
○ Users can use their existing Gamesofa, Facebook, or Yahoo accounts to play
○ If you want to use an MSN, Google, or other account to login, please see our “Account Conversion” page for more details:

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Rated 5 stars by our players! Over 23 million players worldwide! The top authentic Texas Hold'em poker! Download for free and play now!

2,300萬註冊玩家,3秒入桌、隨上隨打!正宗Texas Hold'em,免註冊立刻玩!隨時All-in一把!
♠ 免費遊戲:立刻下載可得30,000德撲幣
♠ 新增多元Poker玩法:Bonus、SIT'N'GO、紅鑽賽、快速局隨你玩
♠ 豐富機台:最真實Casino體驗

-Android Texas Poker 遊戲特色-
♣ 正統Casino德州撲克遊戲
♣ 全球2,300萬玩家,按兩下就入桌
♣ 真人玩家撲克對戰,實境Casino體驗
♣ 贈幣超多:連續登入打Poker,天天領獎勵
♣ 斷線重連系統,網路斷線也不怕
♣ 21點、拉霸slot多種機台,打Poker外還能試手氣
♣ 介面簡單、一鍵All-in最爽快
♣ 互動道具表心意,跟朋友打Poker更有趣

-Android 德州撲克 遊戲規則-
♦ 押注順序:
♦ 發底牌(Preflop):
♦ 翻牌(Flop):
♦ 轉牌(Turn):
♦ 河牌(River):
♦ 決定勝負: