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03. 31. 2016




2.3 and up
EwePlay is a music player designed to work with all the MP3 files that you've been painstakingly collecting and tagging for years. You enjoy all those subscription services to a fair degree but you know that they will never match up to your personal treasure trove of music. And yet you're dissatisfied with the complication of most music players and their, let's face it, absolutely awful shuffle capabilities. You wish you could spend more time listening and less time managing lists. So what do YOU PLAY?

The interface for EwePlay is fixed in place like that old stereo you used to have, back before your phone dominated your life. On the top you have controls and on the bottom is your list of music. If you know what you want to play, scroll to it and tap it. If you tap more than one item, they will be queued up to play one after the other; a little number will pop up on the right indicating its position. Press and hold the PLAY button to fast-scroll through the list.

But what if you don't know precisely what you want to listen to? Tap the shuffle icon to enable SHUFFLE ALL and then press PLAY. Over time you'll notice that all of your music gets played because EwePlay keeps track of WHEN you listened to it and prioritizes accordingly.

EwePlay keeps score as you pick, play, and skip songs. These points are displayed to the right of each song in the list. The more points a song has, the more likely it is to show up in a shuffle. Both the score and the last time you played a song are saved to your MOOD RING, represented by the circle to the left of the PLAY button. Tap the MOOD RING to switch it between eight variants and isolate your listening preferences!

To help you find music try tapping the SHOW button which has an icon of music notes. This switches between various views of your collection including a list of artists and albums. Long press an album (press and hold) to add the whole thing to your play queue. Or long press a song to see a list of related ones which share the same album and/or artist.

Finally, all good things must come to an end but perhaps you fell asleep and they didn't! Tap the SLEEP button with the clock icon to turn on a sleep timer or press and hold it to set a custom time in 15 minute increments.

So go listen to all those wonderful tunes, you music junkie! EwePlay is safe to experiment with and requires no destructive permissions. Try tapping and long pressing everything and see what happens!

EwePlay Features ...

* CASSETTE-STYLED UI layout does not shift unpredictably.
* SONG PICKER shows only useful data.
* PLAY QUEUE is visible and persistent.
* MOOD RING stores scores and last-played date.
* SONG SCORE determines favorite tastes over time.
* WEIGHTED SHUFFLE ignores duplicates and prioritizes by mood data.
* BASS BOOST to annoy that neighbor Sebastian late at night.
* FAST SCROLL to get through your massive list.
* SNAP SKIP for lazy listening without the bright screen.
* HOLD-to-SEEK for that throwback to rewinding and fast forward.
* COMPATIBILITY with your venerable old Android devices.
* SLEEP TIMER to cure insomnia.

Now go back to sheep ...


EwePlay is compiled with JUnidecode under the Apache 2 License ( and a pruned version of Symbola605 by George Douros (