Fishermans Adventure

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05. 16. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Assemble the best men and take the challenge of becoming a Great Fisher!

Though I began with a humble raft..
I will soon have an enormous ship!

The great Gismu Jin devoted his life to finding the golden fishery!
I have found the journals of Captain Gismu Jin's voyage
and now it's time for me to set off on my journey!

◈Game Features◈

Easy for all to enjoy.
Grow your character step by step.
Benefit greatly even by just turning it on.
Never-before-seen unique design.

⊙How to Play⊙

1. Catch fish.
2. Sell fish at a good price.
3. Get a better boat and equipment.
4. Find legendary fishers and make them your team mates.
5. Explore mystic islands!
6. Battle it out with sea monsters!
7. Play frightful games with captains of pirate ships!
8. Collect black pearls and upgrade to become more powerful!
9. Find the golden fishery of the Great Sea Route!
10. Become a legendary Great Fisher!
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이메일: [email protected]
연락처: 010-4182-2221
주소: 서울시 마포구 합정동 381-16