Zen Blocks: Pro Puzzle Edition

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Gazzapper Games




05. 21. 2016




2.3 and up
Zen Blocksis an addictive colorblock puzzle gameusing original game play mechanics. Tap dots around play area to release blocks.

Stack blocks next to others of the same color block. Match 4+ colors to remove a group and gain extra moves / time (5+ blocks). Connect blocks in straight lines or diagonally. Clear screen to advance to the next level.

The game plays with soothing meditative music to create a calming and enjoyable gaming experience and also comes with a Learning mode.

There are two modes of play currently...

Level progression, where player must advance through levels that increase in difficulty, using a limited amount of moves. But the player can take their time choosing their next move.

The second play mode is one that produces procedural levels with a countdown timer, which requires fast thinking to advance to the next screen. A great brain teaser for the whole family.

- Addictive color matching block puzzle game
- Multiple Game Modes including Level Mode, Timer Mode
- Gain Moves / Time by achieving Super and Zen bonuses
- Two Player mode coming soon
- Beautiful relaxing & candy colors
- Awesome animations, music, and sound
- Highscore table (coming soon)

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Coding / Game Design / Artwork by Gazzapper Games
Music by Craig Barnes