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07. 18. 2016




2.3 and up
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This is the most comprehensive horse racing game in the world, you will find all the elements about horse racing in this game.

01. Horse Auction - Pick your best stallion and horse from around the world.

02. Stable Management - Your secretary and trainer will help you to manage & train horses.

03. Horse Training - Various feeds & training program, to build up your horses’ condition & attributes.

04. Horse gears - Various gears available to help improving racing performance.

05. Race Entries - Over 60 different Group & Inter Class races to compete.

06. Player-controlled Riding System - Ride and control your own horse in “Jockey’s perspective”.

07. CPU-Jockey Hiring System - You may also hire world-class CPU-jockey to ride for you.

08. Rating System - Racing results affect horse ratings and you’ll enroll your horses according to this.

09. World Jockeys Ranking - Rank the results of players who ride player-controlled horse.

10. World Trainers Ranking - Rank the results of players who hire CPU-Jockey.

11. Facebook Friends Ranking - Rank the results of all your Facebook friends!