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Finjan Mobile, Inc




09. 21. 2017




4.2 and up
Finjan Holdings, a 20 year veteran in cybersecurity, presents its enterprise-grade patented technologies in a consumer accessible product. Offered through Finjan Mobile, meet the FinjanMobile VitalSecurity VPN Browser!

VitalSecurity VPN is the first mobile browser to incorporate a built-in full-featured VPN. Only with VitalSecurity VPN can you connect without ever leaving your browser session.

- The VPN works outside of the app too, so you can connect to the VPN and switch to other apps and continue to secure your data and hide your location from within any app.

- Encrypt all internet traffic when using public Wifi in a coffee shop, hotel or airport hotspot.   

- Connect to one of dozens of country offerings to mask your location from websites and app services. 

- VPN is free for up to 1GB of data per month, modest cost for unlimited data on all devices.

- Our VPN is now available for free on Window and Mac computers. Click on the share links inside of the app so you can send yourself the download links to install when on your desktop computer.

The VitalSecurity VPN Browser offers consumers enhanced transparency, visibility of trackers for advertising and analytics, protects privacy by not collecting data and has a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection directly within the browser to a location of their choosing. Some other unique features of note:

- Pass code and opt-in biometric security
- Walk through tutorial screens for new users
- Standard browser features and options
- Tracker opt-out toggles
- VPN selection and confirmation screens

Consumers can now feel free to venture out into the world with their mobile devices knowing that their personal data is safe, optionally disabling tracers, and interacting with content on the internet through a secure VPN connection.