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05. 29. 2016




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What is Fibiz?
Fibiz is a groundbreaking smart trading mobile app that gives non traders an easy, approachable, innovative and secure way to trade on currencies, indices and stocks without any prior knowledge or experience and with the opportunity to earn huge profits on short term trades of 30/60/90 seconds in duration.

Fibiz is a state-of-the-art trading platform, based on a fast-paced low-risk philosophy, built by an enthusiastic and experienced team of finance, technology and UX/UI experts. Non-experienced traders should not trade with large sums of money. If you do decide to trade with real money, you can deposit as little as $20 and trade with as little as 1$ per trade. We believe that in small sums, trading can be less stressful, more exciting and fun.

Unlike the old traditional binary options products, we have implemented a proprietary pricing mechanism that allows you reach a return of 1,500% on your trades, more than anyone else in the market. We also allow traders to open multiple, simultaneous trades to make the user experience more exciting. Our simple and straightforward app is built for traders who want to be able to trade fast and simply even if they only have few minutes on a bus or train or during a lunch break. This allows an exciting, relaxed and fun experience also for non-experienced traders.

Getting Started!
Download the app, sign up to get future bonuses, check out the tutorial and start trading immediately using our virtual currency - Freebiz. With our unique UI/UX experience, open a position for 30/60/90 seconds and wait to see if you have won. You can open multiple positions and keep trading as long as you want. If you run out of Freebiz you can always buy more using the in-app purchase. Once you feel comfortable and experienced in Fibiz virtual binary options, you can always open a pro account and start trading with real money.

Smart Trading
We strongly believe in responsible trading. This is why we will not allow novice traders that have not completed a full compliance and a proof of funds clearance to deposit more than $1,000 or to trade with more than $150 per day.

Risk Disclaimer
Fibiz is a fair and transparent platform. However like any other trading product, Fibiz involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of the investment capital.Trading Fibiz may not be suitable for everyone. Please make sure you understand the risk before you start trading.

• There is a real risk that you will lose your money!
• We will never promise you a guaranteed profit or solicit you to invest because we cannot possibly know the direction of the markets and we do not influence your trading decisions.
• In our platform, there is no hoax and no scam.
• Your position will be opened in milliseconds at the same exact price you have selected.
• Your money is kept in a fully segregated trust account and we are not allowed to touch your balance.
• Whenever you would like to withdraw your balance, you will receive your money in up to 3 working days.

What is Binary Option?
A binary option is a financial option in which the payoff is either some fixed monetary amount or nothing at all. Binary options are used in a theoretical framework as the building block for asset pricing and financial derivatives (a binary option maps to the cumulative distribution function of the risk-neutral distribution. They are also called all-or-nothing options, digital options (more common in forex/interest rate markets), and fixed return options (FROs).
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