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04. 28. 2016




4.1 and up
Today, the world is moving faster than ever before ! Time goes by so quickly. Start simplifying your life with the owl that thinks for you.

WiseDay helps you to organize your life. It’s a smart app that analyzes everything. Enter a new task and WiseDay will prioritize it in your to do list. Enter a new appointment and WiseDay will suggest the best time to book it, based on your current schedule. WiseDay will help to improve your day, your week and your life.

WiseDay is simple and easy to use. It's like having your own personal assistant…

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Automatic prioritization of your tasks
You'll never waste time prioritizing your tasks ever again! WISEDAY helps you plan for the best time to tackle each of your day-to-day tasks.

Assistant to create appointments
Stop mindlessly searching in your agenda. WISEDAY will do it for you by suggesting time slots that are the most convenient in your schedule and managing schedule conflicts.

Integrated display of your day
Quickly view your entire day. On the same page, you'll see all your upcoming appointments, prioritized tasks and reminders.

Schedule diagnostics
Improve your time management! WISEDAY performs diagnostics on your schedule and provides recommendations on how to optimize your day, week and life.

Data security
Your data is secure. You are the only one who has access to it. Nobody else. Complete protection guaranteed.

Automatic syncing
You'll always be up-to-date! Your data is automatically synched on all of your devices: computer, smartphone and tablet. (Function available separately)