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06. 30. 2016




4.1 and up
°° FAMEST: share your style and get rewarded °°
The app designed for fashion lovers. Join FAMEST's community and discover new fashion inspirations everyday.
All details and advantages bellow

» On FAMEST, you'll have the opportunity to :
• Get inspired with the styles shared by a whole community of fashion lovers.
• Discover the last fashion trends.
• Follow fashion bloggers, celebrities and any other inspiring members.
• You are a Blogger ? FAMEST is definitely the app made for you to build a brand new audience.

» FAMEST, how does it work ?
• Join the community by downloading for FREE the app Famest or by registering or our website
• Take a photo of your style.
• Tag the clothes visible on the photo.
• Done, your style has been shared. You'll earn point as the community like your style. Your points can be used to order awesome rewards such as discount vouchers, exclusive fashion items etc.

» About Famest :
FAMEST is the app that rewards you when you share your style and tag the clothes visible on your photos. Its by far the best way for fashion lovers to get inspired, and to inspire others while getting rewarded. Famest has already become a true social network with tens of thousands of styles shared. Its super active community loves to provide advices and tips regarding a style or about new products. There's no doubt, shopping addicts will find what they love on Famest.

» Contact us ?
Partnership ? Question ? Suggestion ? Problem ? We're always available to answer you. Simply drop us an email at : contact[@]

» Still there ? Don't wait any longer, download FAMEST's app for FREE and start sharing your outfits with the whole community.