Apps Location (Mock)

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Luis Campos




08. 05. 2016




5.0 and up
Note: This app allows you to override most of the apps verification (also the newest ones), making it undetectable - Root is necessary for activating this option

Apps location allows to emulate your actual position to any place in the world that you want, beginning in a place or your choice, and after that you can move around the selected place with a joystick, without you have to leave you seat.
Works in games applications and all the others that uses the gps to obtain your current position (supports even the newest ones), even the one with system protection to forbid that kind of changes by manual mode (Root is required to stay undetected).

Some apps may be required to change location mode to gps only for them to work properly. Located in location option in configuration menu.

To stay undetected (root), you have to accept move this application to become a system app (option available when pressing start button, if the option "Allow mock locations" is not active, developer menu)

- See "Root requirements"

If you want to use this app without root, detected, you only have to activate the "Allow mock locations" option:

- See "Activate mock locations"

Root requirements:

- Busybox -
- SuperSu -

Making mock locations active:

If you have an Android version earlier than 4.2, maybe you already have this option activated so go to "Making mock locations active"

Activate mock locations option:

Is not difficult to activate this. Open the menu "Configurations", then go to “About phone“ and after locate the option "Build number"

Tap it seven (7) times. After the third tap, you'll see a playful dialog that says you're four taps away from being a developer. Keep on tapping, and *poof*, you've got the developer settings back.

After seeing this message, please go ahead to the next step below, "Making mock locations active"

Open the menu "Configurations", then go to "Developer". Select option "Allow mock locations".

After the activation its concluded, you can use the app normally.

Warning: I won't be responsible for the use that you give to this app or for the damages caused. So any responsibility is declined. Use at you own risk.