Beautiful Faces

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Arup Sarkar




06. 08. 2016




Varies with device
This application automatically takes pictures of faces once the emotional parameters defined by the users is identified. Emotional parameters are expressed as eyes open and smiling and can be defined in a scale of 1 to 10, for example if you define smiling as 7 then you can be certain that the person is smiling, similarly when you define eyes open as 5 it means that eyes are fairly open.
Based on the user definition of eyes open and smiling, the faces are continuously detected on the screen and when the facial expression of eyes open and smiling matches, camera automatically takes a picture immediately after which camera is ready and start scanning again and at the right moment, takes another picture and so on.
It helps to capture the beautiful facial expression and eliminates the distraction of clicking the camera button to take a picture, which often dilutes the facial expression.
Visual indicators are present to show the user the right moment by turning all green of the left eye, smiling and right eye.
Once the picture is taken users can click on the image and immediately share it with their friends and family, edit the picture or delete it. Some cameras rotate the image, there are clockwise and anti clockwise controls to correct it.