xWriter Pro 4

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Epsilon Mobile




06. 12. 2015




2.2 and up
xWriter 4 is one of a kind - powerful editor enables users to write customizable multi-page notes.
It is simple, clean, neatly organized, lightweight, yet powerful word processor designed for both tablets and phones.

Work with smooth scrolling pages with font, keyboard, and many other options!

The app supports browser for My notes, SD card, External SD card, My Document, and Box - copy and paste among storages seamlessly.

Almost every edit options can be changed in the editor – no switching back and forth to settings screen. For fast navigation and operation, on-screen toolbars are provided.

Organize documents in your own way. Make different styles of folders and move your notes, or you can make copy of your notes.

The app offers backup and restore feature. Use password protection to keep your note safe.

Some of the xWriter features include:
1) Browse and edit from My Notes, SD card, External SD card, My Document, and Box
2) Folder - create unlimited depth of folders, you can delete/rename folders and move notes to folder
3) Folder style - 9 different folder styles to choose from
4) Search notes - search your notes in specific folder
5) Share document
6) Export as txt or pdf
7) PDF export options - page size(A4, A3, etc), page margins (narrow, wide, etc), print page number, text color, background color, password encryption and more

1) Fast touch interaction through its own gesture engine
2) Toolbar for save, select all, cut, copy, paste, undo/redo, page up/down/begin/end, and page next/prev/first/last
3) Unique background, font, text size, page margin, and line spacing settings for each note
4) 10+ different note styles to choose from
5) Pages - add pages to your note and flip pages by swipe gesture or toolbar buttons
6) Page thumbnail view and manipulation - insert/delete/merge/add pages
7) undo & redo
8) Text search - search for characters up/down with case sensitive search option
9) Fonts – in addition to sans serif, monospace, and serif, it supports arial, courier, times, georgia, and verdana only if installed in your device
10) Keyboard - capitalize all/sentence/word options, and enable suggestions
11) Auto save - choose to save automatically or not
12) Word Count
13) Text selection (double tap or long press to select a word)
14) Insert page, delete page, insert page break, merge pages

It’s is compatible with android devices with version 2.2+ including tablets and phones such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, Asus Transformer, Acer Picasso, Acer Iconia, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Optimus G Pro, etc.