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03. 20. 2018




4.4 and up
This unique weather app is like nothing else you’ve ever seen! The innovative interface enables you to explore a whole week of forecast data on one screen.

Visualize the weather with the exclusive map swiping action and easy to read graphs for forecast at a glance. With 30+ data types and customizable widgets, Flowx is perfect for outdoor adventure, pilots, photographers, sailors, storm chasers or just planning ahead your weekly activities.

Unique Swipe Action:you control a smooth animation of the weather forecast.
Weather at a Glance:see a whole weeks' weather on one screen.
Wind Streamlines:animated streamlines indicate wind speed and direction.
Wavefronts:animated wavefronts indicate wave direction.
Data Galore:with 30+ data types including precipitation, cloud, wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, wave height and more.
Multiple Data Sources:NOAA GFS (United States of America) and CMC GDPS (Canada).
DeltaTemp graph:compare temperature between days for warm and cold fronts.
Resizeable Widgets:customize your widget for data types and multiple graphs.
Multiple Layers:view wind on top of rain on top of any other data type.
Travel Mode:forecast updates wherever you go in the world.
Save Locations:with global weather data you can add any location in the world.
Design:native Android with Material Design, plus light and dark themes.
Pro Version:choose from annual subscription or one-off purchase to receive 10-day long range forecast, graph editor and more map styles.

Use Flowx alongside your local current conditions weather app for your complete forecast needs.

Try Flowx Today- visualize the forecast and understand weather systems, it’s the smart way to plan around the weather.

* Flowx was formerly known as WeatherBomb.

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