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Ninja Sasuke

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05. 11. 2016




2.3.3 and up
Ninja Sasuke is a six-slot card combat game.

Players can live and fight as ninjas in this ninja world.

So many beautifully-designed cards of various types can be collected, improved and sent to battle in fascinating combinations. Fun casual games and rich daily events also add to the pleasure you will enjoy in this game.

You will meet all ninja characters you like, relive classic scenarios and write your own story!

You will be the master of your kingdom and define your own interpretation of the world.

Characters that should have died early can continue to pursue their dreams, and many more are able to fight side by side regardless of their different descent. Apart from character cards, you can also collect rare ninja equipment and build new formations with different linked cards.

Hurry up into this ninja world, invite your friends and seek glory as an awesome ninja!