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05. 18. 2016




4.1 and up
Our 10 days detox process is suitable for anyone who wants to change his or her eating habits and make a nutritional and healthy restart, to lose some weight and, of course, to give his or her body a chance to function efficiently and healthily. This process is recommended for anyone who considers health important and who wants to give his or her body an amazing gift.
You will enjoy a deep detoxing experience without fasting or suffering, but rather, with a rich and varied menu that includes shakes, full rich meals, and instructions for physical activity that integrate perfectly with your normal routine.
We don’t believe in Fad Diets – they just don’t work in the long run. We want to help you through this process safely and successfully. We promise that you can become slimmer and fitter in a healthy way with real food and a good attitude towards food.
The benefits of our detox program:
improved energy levels
improved metabolic rate
faster weight loss
radiant, vibrant skin
relief from headaches and migraines
balanced glucose levels
regular bowel movements once or even twice a day.

The Detox App includes:
Daily meal plan
Recipes that you will enjoy
Guides and instructions for an easy detox
Eating-out guide – what to eat in restaurants and cafes
Five-day interactive shopping list
Frequently asked questions and lots of helpful tips