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04. 10. 2016




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Looking for the lowest price for a laptop or a car?

It is simple to buy expensive items such as laptops, cars, tablets, mobile phones and digital cameras at the lowest prices ever…and that too, simply by touching few keys on your smart phone.

As a buyer, if you have ever tried to look for the lowest price for a product, you’d have to patiently scan markets, which is next to impossible. For sellers, in order to reach a large customer base, a lot of money must be spent in advertising. The new age market brings a solution to this dilemma – the Bidween App.
It is the fastest way to buy and sell used cars and electronics and browse deals in your area.

Till now, you were looking at various online and physical stores to find the ‘best deal’, spending hours to save you precious money. Not anymore.

With Bidween App, you simply have to put a requisition and sellers from around the world will respond with quotes. All you need to do is to choose the best deal in terms of price and location.

Now you can buy your next car and electronics at the best price from the comfort of your smart phone and even sell your old car from the same app!

So, how does it work?

Getting the best price is as easy as installing Bidween, a Free app, on your smart phone.

To Buy

1. Decide a product you wish to buy.

2. Check ‘Browse Nearby’ feature to find deals near your location. You may spot your dream deal in your neighborhood!

3. Choose the category of the product you’d like to buy. Currently, five categories are available - laptops, cars, tablets, mobile phones and digital cameras.

4. Now simply select the brand and the model of the product in the selected category.

5. You can choose extra specifications such as storage, RAM, camera pixels etc. for an electronic product or engine, transmission, color for a car.

6. Send your requisition by a simple touch of button.

7. The information will reach the sellers whose catalogue matches your choice. The information is received in real time and sellers can instantly respond to your request with price quotes.

8. With a snap, you receive quotes from various sellers and can finalize one after comparing prices, location and ranks.

9. Usually buyers choose the seller with the lowest price, but it is completely the buyer’s decision to buy from whichever seller they choose.

To Sell

1. Specify the product you are willing to sell. Choose the right specs under appropriate categories.

2. Respond to price queries and strike a fair deal, without spending a penny on advertising.

3. It is advisable to post as many specifications as possible, making it easier for the buyers to make an informed decision.

The app helps you to track your buy & sell interactions, transactions and requests through features such as ‘Inbox’, ‘Products’ and ‘Requests’. You can add new products to buy / sell anytime.

Bidween app works on the principles of reverse auction and saves precious time and money for its users.

What’s more – Bidween is absolutely free and you get $3 credits for installing the app. Download now – it is time to change the way you shop!

For sellers, Bidween app is an awesome platform to trade, as they are charged merely 1 Bidween credit (only $0.10) to respond a price request.

Bidween app protects its users’ privacy and offers a convenient interface to post requisitions and sell products.

This revolutionary app is fast changing the way world buys and sells products. Be a part of it, Download Now!

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