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07. 09. 2016




2.3 and up
Everything kids need to know about the Solar System by applying the Fun and Learn approach.

- A revolutionary approach to digital education
- Adapted from the popular storybook “Comet Meets the Solar Family”
- Interesting facts about the planets in the solar system
- Fun mini-games to engage the kids while learning
- Children correlate words and objects to learn the language
- Challenges to encourage kids to explore the story
- No-Ads, No In-App purchase, Kids-Friendly interface

Kids Play
- With the planets on various pages
- Complete challenges in order to proceed
- Fun mini-games during the story

Kids Learn
- By interacting with the planets to know more about them
- About the MilkyWay Galaxy we live in
- By completing fun tasks and driving the story
- About the kinds of people they meet in the world around them
- By relating words with objects to learn the language

Kids Explore
- The functioning of the solar system at a pace they wish to
- Interesting facts about the planets, the Sun and Comets
- The relation between the Solar System and how it affects our lives
- The planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

The app ensures a fun-filled learning experience to children 3 to 6 years old.
- At 3 years old: Kids interact with the planets and complete the challenges in order to proceed.
- At 4 years old: Kids learn the language and message passed on by the story
- At 5 years old: Kids explore the functioning and the characteristics of the various elements in the solar system at the touch of their fingers.

About BubbleBud Kids
BubbleBud Kids is the Early Childhood Education initiative by Dweek Studios to provide the children today an alternate approach to education. BubbbleBud Kids creates educational content through its philosophy of “Play | Learn | Explore” giving children in kindergarten a parallel source of learning making the most of the technology available today. The organisation believes in “Flexible Education - Education that adapts to the interests of the child pursuing it” and is committed to creating content for that delivers to this ideology.