Universal Oil Reminder

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Polymorphic Inc.




11. 26. 2014




4.1 and up
Keeping track of multiple cars, boats, lawn-tools, riding mowers, minibikes, atv's, go-carts, deathstars and the like can become very confusing, and hard to track when each one needs an oil change - which is very important to make sure it keeps working!

Universal Oil Reminder centralizes the whole process of tracking and making sure to remember when each automobile (or aircraft carrier) needs an oil change. You can add any number of vehicles or tools and easily see at a glance the current and next change value of your vehicle. You can use the mileage of the vehicle, the hours it has been used, or even a custom number that represents anything you'd like.

To help make sure you remember to change/check your oil, you can set an interval at which the app will remind you to check everything. Also in the next update you will be able to set a reminder interval for each item individually.

When adding new items you will also have access to leaving extra notes as well. So whether you want to remember to change your air filter or you need to make to change the oil a certain way, you can also keep that information saved as well.