Ring Off – ring off/on scheduler, silent mode.

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08. 15. 2017




4.0.3 and up
Ring off/on scheduler. Perfect for a schoolchild, teacher, office worker etc. who faces the necessity to turn off and on their mobile ring so that it doesn’t interfere with classes, meetings etc. In case you or your schoolchild forgets to switch on mobile ring and you are unable to get through to him automatic Ring off/on application will best meet your needs, because it has been specially designed as automatic ring off/on scheduler.

Sound off mode that doesn't take too much of your time is essential in the modern world. Silent mode and vibro are best suitable.

Ring off/on employs background mode and keeps going till you stop it. So you don't need to operate sound modes manually.

Silent mode on your Android is launched automatically.*

Automatic ring off/on scheduler is no problem now.

Experience silent mode or vibro scheduler. Sound off mode will set off automatically.

- *After application update the service should be restarted(settings are preserved)*.

- *After scheduling ring off/on service will start automatically.*

- * If you use Android 6.0 or a more advanced device to secure application proper work you need to add it to the battery optimization (whitelist).*

- * If you have an Android 6.0 or more advanced device, some manufacturers (for example Xiaomi, etc.) have additional permissions settings for correct application operation, where you also need to add permission to autostart the application when the phone is rebooted.*