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Víctor Alvarado




06. 16. 2016




4.0 and up
SimplyPaper is an app that offers a large collection of minimalist wallpapers with a fabulous design, innovative and easy to use.


* Marshmallows Android 6.0 support.
* Constant updating of illustrations.
* 3K and Full HD Resolution (depending of your smartphone).
* The illustrations are designed to smartphones in portrait orientation.
* The app has an exclusive category for Tablets. (Do not use these illustrations smartphones will not be as good.)
* Categories list.
* List of all images.
* Full screen preview of each picture.
* The images fit your screen.
* Multiple options for interacting with artwork.
* Option to share images on social networks.
* Option to download and save images.
* Quick charge of artwork.
* G + active community.
* Section help and suggestions.

Important to owner of divices with Android 6.0:

In Android 6.0, you can grant or deny certain permissions. But we recommend that you accept each and every one of them, because otherwise, you can not enjoy all our wonderful functions.