DirtyLight CM13 Theme

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05. 31. 2016




Varies with device
This theme is specifically designed for ONLY the CM13.x Theme Engine (Android MM)

Theme supports Arcus! As of now 3 color variant accents are available for you to enjoy, download Arcus from the Play Store in order to build and apply!

Prior to applying Theme Chooser and apply the "System (Default)" Theme (all options), then Clear All Recent Apps
Return to Theme Chooser, apply new theme (desired available options)...Reboot

Tested and optimized on the Nexus 6
*You may encounter issues if you device has a lower screen resolution* If you have any issues/questions/requests please email me at the address below. If you are reporting an issue that I cannot replicate a catlog will be required.

Keep in mind--All Launchers included have dark app drawers (per my liking)

For themed apps please see this document:"

Please email me with any issues prior to giving a low rating if an issue is found, thank you!

Arcus Metadata ID: 105739351821425192942